13 Best Hostels in Medellin [Nov 2021]


Booked your flight for Medellin or planning to do so? Great, here are some of the best hostels in Medellin for you to stay in.

With a population of around 2.5 million, Medellin packs together the life of a city twice its size. It is situated in a narrow valley with high rise apartments, skylines that are reaching out, and various office buildings with jagged peaks covering the background.

Due to its pleasant climate that lasts all year long, it is known popularly with its nickname “the City of Eternal Spring.” While you stay in one of the best hostels in Medellin, you will observe the city bustling with energy where industries and commerce work all round the clock.

The major leading industries of the city include textile and cut flower export industries.

On weekends, the city comes to life with people heading to discos to get rid of a hectic week’s stress. Medellin stretches out to the south and north along the floor of the valley where the slums reach out to the hills.

Now that Medellin is up next on your travel list, you need not to worry about accommodation or expensive hotels. We have put together the thirteen best hostels in Medellin, where you can stay and make the most out of your trip. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of the highly-rated best hostels in Medellin.

The 13 best hostels in Medellin- Our top picks for you!


#1 – Medellín Vibes Hostel

The Overall Best Hostel in Medellin


Medellín Vibes Hostel

  • $$
  • Exquisite snacks
  • Private bathrooms

For a quiet and eco-friendly atmosphere, our top pick for best hostels in Medellin is Medellin Vibes Hostel. It is a great place to meet people from different backgrounds coming from all across the world.

The bar next to the pool and communal kitchen are great places to hang out and socialize while staying at this hostel. You can treat yourself with original Colombian coffee, best cocktails, and tasty snacks that are served at the bar.

The hostel is well located, with the metro station being 500 meters away. At the same time, Lieras Park, which is the hub for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, is only 600 meters.

So, you can easily get around the city on foot or by catching any local transport. The hostel offers mixed and separate female rooms, with each one having private bathrooms. The beds are featured with reading lights, fans, and curtains.

For a more exclusive experience, you can stay in private rooms or double suites that are equipped with free Wi-Fi, air conditioners, and Smart TV.

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#2 – Purple Monkey Hostel

The Best Party Hostel in Medellin


Purple Monkey Hostel

  • $$
  • Biggest roof terrace bar
  • Free breakfast

If you are looking out to have all the fun while staying over in one of the best hostels in Medellin, then the Purple Monkey Hostel will certainly not let you down.

The hostel is jet packed with energy and, with the best graffiti, is home to the biggest roof terrace bar in Medellin. So, if you are willing to have a drink or two, then this is the place to be. The dorm rooms are spacious enough for you to stay in comfortably.

Each bed is equipped with four plug sockets so you can keep all your tech devices charged. Two Wi-Fi networks are available for usage at the hostel, so you never miss out on any updates from social media.

The hostel staff is generous and will help you with booking tours across the city. You would be only five minutes away from the high energy nightlife and Metro of Medellin while staying at Purple Monkey. Cleanliness, security, and all other necessary hostel facilities are of top-notch standards.

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#3 – Backpackers Inn Medellin

Best Hostel for Backpackers in Medellin


Backpackers Inn Medellin

Backpackers Inn, as the name suggests, is among the best hostels in Medellin for backpackers who are out there seeking adventure and looking forward to meeting new people. It is also great for families who are visiting to enjoy and explore the suburbs of Medellin.

You can relax in your shared or private room, have a chat in the common area or enjoy a game of ping pong if you want. You will also find yourself surrounded by a homely vibe as you chill in the hammock while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.

To satisfy your appetite, you can head to the hostel’s coffee shop that serves delicious breakfast and food items like pizza, desserts, and multiple types of coffee. To promote interaction between hostelers, the hostel conducts daily activities like trivia nights and ping pong tournaments.

It is located in Laureles, which is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Medellin. Although a bit off the main strip, the hostel has many shopping centers, chain stores, and restaurants within walking distance.

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#4 – Ivy Hostel

Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Medellin


Ivy Hostel

  • $$
  • Breakfast included
  • Well stocked

Ivy Hostel has all the characteristics that you would love to see in one of the best hostels in Medellin. The atmosphere is calm yet social, so you won’t find yourself getting bored, especially when you are on your own in Medellin.

The hostel has been set up with all the comforts that are present in a home. The hostel does not have a great party like vibe, which is a plus if you like to stay in peaceful environments. Breakfast is included in the stay, but in case you want to use your culinary skills, a well-equipped kitchen is there.

You can later enjoy your food with the favorite show in the TV room that has Netflix or make new friends in the bar of the hostel. The Ivy hostel offers three private and six dorm rooms where each room is well managed and clean.

Staying at the hostel in winters? Then you will surely be grateful for the hot showers. There is an open back terrace where you can lay back in the hammock and enjoy the beautiful view. You can keep your valuable safety in the lockers.

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#5 – The Somos Hostel

Best Budget Hostel in Medellin


The Somos Hostel

  • $$
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Free internet access

The Somos Hostel makes it to the list of the best hostels of Medellin due to its incredible staff that is always ready to help guests. They would not only provide you with in house facilities but also help you with planning tours across Medellin.

The tropical vibe will take over the moment you enter the hostel. If you want to stay close to the hostel yet don’t want to miss out on the delicious cuisine. You can dine in the ‘Mosquito’ bar and restaurant that is located on the hostel’s first floor.

The location of the hostel is perfect for travelers as it is situated in El Poblado, which is an excellent center for exploring the nightlife of Medellin. It is located in the heart of Provenza, which is popularly known in Medellin for its bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

The dorm rooms of the hostel are comfortable, clean, and based on modern design. The Somos Hostel is well facilitated, and you will love staying here after you are welcomed with delicious complimentary breakfast.

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Other well-known best hostels in Medellin

#6 – Hostel Macondo Guesthouse Medellín


Hostel Macondo Guesthouse Medellín

  • $$
  • 24/7 reception
  • Free city tour

Although located in quite a busy area, the Hostel Macondo offers a laid back and peaceful atmosphere to its guests. It is one of the best hostels in Medellin for people who like to have a good night’s sleep after they had a long day of exploring the city.

While staying at the hostel, you would be only minutes away from experiencing the nightlife of Medellin, which is uplifted by bars, discos, and restaurants. You can easily get to the popular tourist spots by catching a train from the Poblado metro station, which is near the hostel.

Parks, bus terminals, airports, supermarkets, and commercial areas surround the hostel so you can get anything you want once you head out. The reception of the hostel is open 24/7, so you can check-in at any time.

The dorm rooms are well managed and have all facilities that you would need for a comfortable stay. Daily activities, like Salsa classes and yoga, further add to the charm of the hostel.

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#7 – Hostal Tamarindo


Hostal Tamarindo

  • $$
  • Open kitchen
  • Spacious living area

If you are looking for a small and not too overcrowded hostel, then the Hostel Tamarindo is a good option to consider. The hostel has only one shared dorm room and seven private rooms.

Each room is equipped with comfortable mattresses so you can sleep well at night while there is also cable and free Wi-Fi so you can easily catch up on any updates.

Each room also has clean, private bathrooms. In case you like cooking your meals, the hostel has an open kitchen where you can put your culinary skills to test. The spacious living areas are a good place to interact and meet with other guests staying over the hostel.

You can gaze at the beautiful view from the balcony that overlooks the main avenue. You can conveniently get your tours scheduled as the hostel management provides tourist information to its guests.

The only drawback is that some rooms are not air-conditioned, which can be an issue if you are staying at the hostel during summers.

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#8 – The Wandering Paisa Backpackers Hostel


The Wandering Paisa Backpackers Hostel

  • $$
  • Free salsa classes
  • Airport pickups

Located in Laureles, surrounded by local hotspots, this hostel is well decorated with a Bohemian vibe. It is one of the best hostels in Medellin for people who want to experience the authentic culture of the region.

The staff is knowledgeable and is always there to provide guests with information on tours and activities to do in Medellin. There are four rooms and three private rooms where each room is hand-painted with a unique theme.

The rooms are featured with high-quality bunkers, and each bunker has soft mattresses, privacy divider, and a locker for you to keep your stuff safely. You won’t have to worry about the beds squeaking when someone moves so you can sleep peacefully.

You can spend your time at the hostel by playing Nintendo Wii or enjoying some shows on the TV. To have a marvelous view, you can climb to the top of the hostel’s terrace from where you won’t be able to get your eyes off the mountains. For socializing, you can get into the “Paisa Bar” where you can sip on your favorite drinks.

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#9 – Hostel Rango Boutique


Hostel Rango Boutique

  • $$
  • 24/7 reception
  • Internet access

Hostel Rango Boutique is famous as one of the best hostels in Medellin due to the experience that it offers to the guests. You can start your day with a fresh breakfast of bread and eggs to prepare for a long day of exploring the city.

The hostel is equipped with fast Wi-Fi so you can check your emails and notifications. Internet access runs throughout the property from the bar to the rooftop. There is an on-site restaurant in the hostel in case you don’t feel like going out for dinner.

You can stay in private or dorm rooms of 4 or 6 beds. The private rooms are facilitated with HDMI, TV, a mini-fridge, and multiple power sockets.

The dorm rooms are also well equipped with reading lights, personal lockers for you to keep your belongings and individual reading lights so you can catch up with your favorite book. The rooms are well designed with a Colombian vibe.

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#10 – Black Sheep Hostel Medellin


Black Sheep Hostel Medellin

  • $$
  • Free computers
  • Large terrace with hammocks

The Black Sheep Hostel is a family owned hostel that offers a friendly atmosphere to all its guests. Located in one of the best areas of Medellin, it is a thirteen-year-old hostel. The Metro Station Poblado, major shopping centers, and supermarkets are located only ten minutes away from the hostel.

Many bars and restaurants are also within walking distance from the hostel. You can relax on the balcony or terrace with hammocks and watch any show in the TV room.

The hostel also has its kitchen, which is equipped with modern appliances. You can use computers in the hostel in case you want to check your mail or social media.

Many tour companies offer to pick up from the hostel in case you want to explore the beautiful city of Medellin.

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#11 – The Sugar Cane Hostel


The Sugar Cane Hostel

  • $$
  • Breakfast included
  • BBQ on Sundays

Just a few minutes from the metro station, the Sugar Cane Hostel is categorized among the best hostels in Medellin. You can easily find bars, clubs, and multiple entertainment options only minutes away from the hostel.

The hostel serves its guests with delicious breakfast that includes milk, fruits, cornflakes, etc. You surely don’t want to miss the BBQ that is held every Sunday at the hostel.

The atmosphere is laid back so you can stay comfortable and enjoy your stay at the hostel. The dorm rooms are well managed while the bathrooms are also clean. You can easily make friends in the roof area of the hostel that has a large communal table.

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#12 – Los Patios Hostel


Los Patios Hostel

  • $$
  • Gym
  • Free Wi-Fi

Los Patios Hostel is situated in an exotic tropical valley where each floor of the hostel has a distinct Colombian culture representation. The rooms are named after the popular places of Medellin.

You can head to the rooftop to enjoy a meal or drink with your mates as you soak in the sun rays of Colombia. To mingle with fellow hostellers, you can take part in Salsa or yoga classes.

The dorm rooms are featured with personal lockers for keeping belongings while the towels and linen are available free of cost. The bunk beds have separate charging points, curtains, and lights. For more privacy, you can opt for the deluxe or standard private rooms.

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#13 –  El Alternativo

El Alternativo

  • $$
  • Well equipped kitchen
  • Laundry facilities

For an eco-friendly and original Colombian environment, El Aternativo is indeed one of the best hostels in Medellin. The roof of the hostel has a beautiful terrace and kitchen that offer a good opportunity to interact with other guests staying at the hostels.

The hostel is located in the peaceful neighborhood of Manila. All the local transport is close by so you can easily catch a train or bus around the city.

The rooms of the hostel have customized decoration and contain handmade furniture. The dorm rooms can accommodate up to six people and have lockers, power sockets, and full beds so you can sleep well at night.

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Is Medellin safe?

Medellín is commonly sheltered to visit. On the off chance that you follow some essential wellbeing tips, as you will decrease your danger of being a casualty of wrongdoing. In any case, security in Medellín is as yet a significant worry for ex-pats living in Medellín and furthermore sightseers visiting the city.

Is Medellin worth visiting?

Normally, it's not as modest as voyaging rustic zones yet contrasted with other famous urban areas like Bogota and Cartagena, Medellin is an incredible incentive for cash. It additionally helps that a large number of the most famous vacation destinations like the Botanical Gardens, Parque Botero, the Metrocable are either free or exceptionally modest.

When should I visit Medellin?

Medellín has a charming atmosphere with gentle temperatures, so it's visit should be possible whenever of year. The best ideal opportunity for an outing to Medellin, is as it may, the moderately dry season among December and February. The long stretch of July can be additionally acceptable.

How many days do you need in Medellin?

There's no correct response to how long to remain in Medellín however during our ongoing three weeks in Colombia, we went through two days in the city. Nonetheless, while we make the most of recent memory there, to benefit from this city we feel in any event three days in Medellin is a greatly improved alternative on the off chance that you have the opportunity to save.

Wrap Up!

We hope that our article will help you in finding the perfect accommodation option for you when you plan on traveling to Medellin. Happy Traveling!


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