13 BEST Hostels In Sydney [Nov 2021]

Best Hostels in Sydney
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The capital of New South Wales in Australia, Sydney, is the most expanded and oldest city of Australia, having a population of 4 million people. It serves as a great tourist attraction and attracts a large number of tourists to Australia each year. National parks, beaches, and bays are just a few of the many attractions that Sydney has to offer to tourists.The tourists can easily find reasonable accommodation for them. Below is a list of some of the best hostels in Sydney where you can stay.

13 Best Hostels in Sydney- Our Top Picks!

Following are some of the best hostels in Sydney, where you can have a comfortable stay while you enjoy your trip to Sydney.

#1 – Mad Monkey Backpackers Bays

Top rated hostel in Sydney

Mad Monkey Backpackers Bays
The amazing location and staff of Mad Monkey Backpackers Bays make it one of the best hostels in Sydney
  •  $$
  •  Convenient location
  •  Welcoming staff

If you are seeking a pleasant stay in a place with a welcoming staff, then this hostel is the right choice for you.  It is located at a minute’s walk from Kings Cross Station and offers a convenient location for travelers on the go.

You can enjoy a BBQ at the rooftop for dinner or start your day with a warm and fresh breakfast. You can choose between a mixed dorm or a separate dorm for males/females, whatever suits you. 

The hostel offers a comfortable atmosphere for travelers so they can enjoy the time they spend in Sydney to the fullest. One complaint heard by the hostellers was that the bathrooms present in the hostels are not clean.

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#2 – 790 on George

Great for frequent city travelers in Sydney

790 on George
790 on George is an amazing hostel near the Central station, Sydney
  •  $$
  • Secure and well facilitated
  • Located near Central Station

The 790 on George is located in the heart of Sydney on the ancient George Street, distanced at only a few miles from Central Station, which is a great advantage if you are willing to travel frequently throughout the day.

The hostel offers comfortable mattresses on the bed to ensure that you are fully rested before you start a new day in the city. This hostel is pretty basic, and according to the value, the facilities it offers are great.

The hostel has a TV room where you can make yourself comfortable while watching TV.  The rooms have big lockers so that all your belongings can fit in easily. If you want to stay near the Central, this hostel will be ideal for you.

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#3 – Backpackers HQ

Good place to stay in for solo travelers in Sydney

Backpackers HQ
Make new buddies at Backpackers HQ, a great place to live if you’re travelling alone in Sydney
  • $$
  •  Affordable
  • Free Wi-Fi

The Backpacker HQ offers affordable hostel options to travelers visiting Sydney. It is close to public transport so you can easily get around the city without walking long distances to find transport.

The staff is well trained and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a place which is lively and isn’t too calm and quiet, then this hostel has a lot to offer as it keeps an adequate balance between calm and lively.

Stores are located nearby the hostel, so you can easily visit them down the street to get anything you need at any time. As it is close to the city, you would get to experience the Australian vibe running in the hostel.

The showers are in a limited number, which can be a hassle if there is a large number of people staying at the hostel.

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#4 – Sydney Central YHA

Best for Couples

sydney Central YHA
Every moment will be amazing in Sydney Central YHA hostel,  which is a perfect place to stay for couples
  •  $$
  • Spacious
  • Ideal location

One of the best hostels of Sydney, the Sydney Central YHA is a large spacious hostel located near Central Station. Paddy’s Market and Chinatown are located within walking distance from the hostel.

If you are looking forward to meeting new people in this new country, then this hostel is perfect for you. Being spacious, it accommodates a large number of people, so you would have a good opportunity to interact with others.

The hostel is safe and secure with a welcoming staff. The rooftop has a mini swimming pool so you can easily dive in whenever you want if you are fond of swimming. There is a café and bar located right next to the hostel where you can find good deals on food and drinks.

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#5 – The Funk House

Ideal for staying close to the party vibe in Sydney

The Funk House
The Funk House, Sydney is a perfect hostel for youngsters who love partying
  • $$$
  • Free breakfast
  • Good entertainment options

If you are young and traveling alone or with friends out on an adventure, then this hostel will greatly suit your needs as this hostel is great for young people aged between 18 years to 35 years.

The hostel has a great social atmosphere so you can chill with your friends and meet new people. The rooftop of the hostel has a famous BBQ where you can enjoy your food with the aesthetic view of the city.

The neighborhood is quite noisy, so until you are not a person who loves a silent atmosphere, this place is great for you to stay in a while in Sydney.  If you like to stay in bed till late in the morning then the housekeeping and cleaning in the hostel at 6 am, will not make you happy.

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Other cool hostels in Sydney

#6 – Mad Monkey Coogee Beach

Mad Monkey Coogee Beach
The amazing beach view is what makes Mad Monkey Coogee Beach hostel a place worth staying in Sydney
  • $$
  •  Aesthetic beach view
  • Well maintained and clean

Located on Coogee beach, this hostel will be no less than your dream hostel if you love beaches. Staying in this hostel, you will only be minutes away from the sand and beach, along with several restaurants offering delicious food.

The hostel has a cozy atmosphere, and the staff is really friendly.  If you are the ‘work and travel’ kind of person, then you can find a bunch of like-minded people with whom you can hang out if you are alone on the trip.

The hostel is well managed; hence, the room is well maintained and kept clean by the staff. It is great for both short and long stays due to the vibrancy and a friendly vibe that runs around due to social events and group activities.

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#7 – Jolly Swagman Backpackers

Jolly Swagman Backpackers
Jolly Swagman Backpackers, Sydney has an amazing location which is near many tourist attractions
  • $$
  • Free pickup from the airport
  • Free of cost breakfast and BBQs

The Jolly Swagman Backpackers is great for those who are looking for a quiet place to stay in during their visit to Sydney. It is situated in a quiet street in Potts Point and is right next to King’s Cross

If you want to stay close to areas where you can have fun throughout the day and night like clubs and pubs, then this would suit your needs. The hostlers can conveniently help themselves through the kitchen for any snacks and meals.

The management of the hostel is really helpful, so you don’t have to worry about the facilities. There are separate bathrooms available for enough space to accommodate all those staying over in the hostel. If your room is in the back of the hostel, you might not get enough good light or airflow.

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#8 – The Village Kings Cross

The Village Kings Cross
Located near Kings Cross, The Village Kings Cross is a small, but budget friendly hostel in Sydney
  •  $$
  • Clean and tidy rooms
  • Budget-friendly

The Village King Cross is located in a location where you can experience and avail of all the provisions of modern Sydney. The hostel offers a common room along with kitchen and food storage if you are willing to store any food you have bought from the local market in Sydney.

Housekeeping ensures that the rooms of hostels are kept clean and tidy all the time. Since the hostel is not large, you can easily connect with the people staying in with you.

The hostel offers swipe cards for lockers to ensure all your belongings are kept safe. The pubs, shops and king cross are situated nearby, which is a great advantage. The Wi-Fi can cause trouble sometimes as it doesn’t run with a strong connection.

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#9 – The Maze Backpackers

The Maze Backpackers
The Maze Backpackers is great for interacting with new people, surely a recommended hostel in Sydney
  • $$
  • Free meals (BBQs, hotdogs and breakfasts)
  • Offers interactive activities

For solo travelers and for those who love to meet and interact with new people, this hostel is one of the best hostels in Sydney. The hostel ensures that your stay has a full value to money by arranging a BBQ night or pancake morning for the people staying in.

The hotel organizes weekly activities to increase the chances of interaction between the backpackers. A movie room is available so you can always go there and enjoy your favorite movie while staying in the hostel.

It is adequate for those who are willing to stay for a short stay in a safe and clean environment. If you book a dorm with eight beds, you might encounter some problems as it can be chaos to accommodate too many people with different mindsets in a limited space.

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#10 – Big Hostel

Big Hostel
Big Hostel is only at a walking distance from all the main tourist attractions which makes it one of the best hostels in Sydney
  • $$
  • Round the clock facilities
  • Free storage of luggage

The Big Hostel is located at a walking distance from all the main city attractions of Sydney. This means you won’t have to take any public transport and can easily reach the tourist attraction through the walk.

The guests are welcomed with free breakfast from the hostel. The rooms are quite large, so there is enough space for all the people to stay comfortably. All the rooms have lockers for people to keep their belongings safely.

The hostel is a good choice if you want to stay close to exploring the city. The hostel is quiet at night, which means that you can get a good night’s sleep and be active and fresh the next day to explore the city. 

Unfortunately, the hostel doesn’t offer in-house parking, so it will be difficult for you to find a parking spot if you are traveling by car. However, it is one still one of the best hostels in Sydney.

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#11 – The Village Surry Hills

The Village Surry Hills
The Village Surry Hills is a great hostel if one wants to experience the vintage side of Sydney
  • $
  • Quiet and peaceful atmosphere
  • Well run and managed

The Village Surrey Hostel is a fine hostel if you want to stay in for a night or two. The twin room is up to scratch so that you can stay with comfort in the hostel. The hostel, in general, is clean and the staff and management run it greatly.

The location of the hostel is worthy as you can experience the vintage side of Sydney down the streets. There are several vintage shops and boutiques located down the street where you can spend the evening sipping on coffee and enjoying live music. 

The bathrooms, however, are quite unclean, and some locks in the bathrooms don’t work.

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#12 – The Village Broadway

The Village Broadway
The security and private rooms make The Village Broadway one of the best hostels in Sydney
  •  $$
  • Clean private rooms
  • Good security

If you are adventure-seeking and fun-loving, the Village Broadway will cater to a lot of your needs. Being located right above a renowned hotel, you are only minutes away from the pub and live music that is there, along with different shows that are held each week.

If you book a private room, you’ll be able to avail the facilities of private shower and heater that would be a great advantage if you visit Sydney during winters. Although the hostel situated right above a bust hotel, you would be able to get a good night’s sleep. All these facilities make it one of the best hostels in Sydney.

The hostel is near a lot of markets and stores so you can easily get what you need at any hour of the day.  Since the hostel is located above the hotel, it might be loud due to parties on the weekends.

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#13 – Bondi Beachouse YHA

Bondi Beachouse YHA
Amazing view along with great staff, Bondi Beachouse YHA is surely one of the best hostels in Sydney
  •  $$$
  • Free snorkeling
  • Surfboard hire

The Bondi Beach house is located on the southern tip of Australia’s Bondi Beach. This hostel offers a beautiful view of the Sydney coastal walk from the rooftop. The view adds value to money as the beach house is quite convenient, so you can always catch a bus to Bondi junction from the doorstep.

The staff is helpful and friendly, so you can always get your queries or issues solved that you encounter in the hostel. It is more chilled out than a party hostel and if you are looking for a more social atmosphere where you can meet with people then the Bondi Beach house will be a good place to stay in.

The lockers are big enough to easily accommodate all your belongings. The bathrooms are a bit small so it can get quite chaotic if the number of people staying in hostels is high.

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What is the best time to visit Sydney?

Spring (September–November) is ideal for taking photographs of Jakaranda trees in sprout and getting yourself a plate of Sydney clams. Pre-winter (March-May) is about indulgences like macadamia nuts or pine mushrooms. You can likewise have some good times at the Sydney Royal Easter Show with its unlimited jubilees. December to February sees a deluge of sightseers to Sydney. The city is enduring an onslaught of beachgoers, surfers, and nature darlings.

How many days in Sydney is enough?

Five days is ideal for a decent diagram of Sydney. There's bounty to keep you involved inside the city. Ensure you dedicate in any event daily ship jumping Sydney Harbor. If you appreciate strolling/climbing and wonderful view, at that point attempt the path prompting Manly and Bondi seashores.

Is Sydney expensive to visit?

Sydney is the tenth most costly city on the planet for visitors... what's more, the third most costly city for supper out. Sydney is celebrated for its harbour and top-notch food, however not, it appears, for its worth for-cash. The NSW capital came in tenth on a rundown of most costly urban communities for travellers.

Is Sydney safe for tourists?

Sydney resembles some other significant city, it's not wrongdoing free, yet it is generally protected, especially in the principle vacationer regions. There have been issues around George St from the films and south to Haymarket late around evening time so be cautious here or don't stick around there past the point of no return. Aside from some common dangers to keep an eye out for, you ought to have no stresses over your security. Crime percentages are low and not many safety measure rules ought to go far.

Final thoughts!

We made sure that this list helps in finding the best hostels in Sydney. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or with your family. Make sure you keep the different factors in mind like budget and facilities before choosing which hostel is best for you.


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