8 Best Places to Eat and Drink in Zurich


When you think of Swiss food, the first two things that come to mind are chocolate and cheese. Now, without a doubt, they are the best in Switzerland, but that is not all.

Zurich has so much to offer, much more than just cheese and chocolate. Now is the time to change the perception of Swiss food and appreciate it for what it offers.

You can appreciate the scenic Zurich lake and the picturesque cities during the day. But as the sun sets, a bustling atmosphere takes over, and an excellent bar becomes the prime focus for everyone.

So many things to do in Zurich, and along with the activities comes the amazing cuisine and drinks. Here are a few places for true foodies to enjoy authentic Zurich cuisine

#1 – Hotel Storchen

Hotel Storchen

When love for food and stylish accommodation come together, it brings you Hotel Storchen. This hotel sits right in the heart of Zurich.

This beautiful property is popular for its restaurant named La Rotisserie. They serve delicious international and Swiss dishes in a beautiful and refined environment.

#2 – Explore the Zurich West

Explore the Zurich West

A wonderful way to experience the true sense of Zurich’s culinary scene is by taking a walking food tour. Zurich West is a hub for trendy eateries and innovative shops.

Your guide will take from shops to shops, and while you enjoy the tasty food, they will also explain the fascinating history behind Zurich’s food.

#3 – Check Out Zurich Food Markets

Check Out Zurich Food Markets

Helveplatz hosts markets that sell home-grown vegetables and fruits all year round. They also sell different delicacies from different countries around the world.

Every Wednesday, a lively market is set up in the train station’s main hall where the stalls sell fresh products from around the country like meats, bread, and cheeses.

#4 – Blindekuh – Dine in the Dark Restaurant

Blindekuh - Dine in the Dark Restaurant

Blindekuh is the original dine in the dark restaurant. This style has been much imitated in many places, but the true experience comes from the authentic and real source, which is here.

The visitors must trust their taste buds, nose, hands, and even ears to eat their way through the dishes.

Their aim behind this restaurant is to “foster dialogue between sighted people and those with visual impairments. “The majority of their staff are partially sighted or blind.

#5 – Try Veggies in Haus Hiltl

Try Veggies in Haus Hiltl

The Haus Hiltl restaurant has been serving true vegetarian food since 1898. Here guests can enjoy the fine dining experience at the a la carte restaurant, or they can also enjoy the Hiltl buffet, where they get to choose from more than a hundred homemade delicacies, fruit juices, and more.

#6 – Brasserie Lipp

Brasserie Lipp

This is an art-deco wonder. A perfect copy of the Parisian counterpart, Brasserie Lipp is famous for its fish specialties.

Here you can enjoy exciting and fun cocktails and wines from their extensive list. This restaurant provides the best of French cuisine.

#7 – Widder Bar

Widder Bar

The Widder bar is without a doubt the best in the city and can even be arguably considered the best bar in the world.

Fine jazz artists have performed in this bar, and the bar has seen many important personnel under its roof.

#8 – George Bar & Grill

George Bar & Grill

Part of the Ober building, George Bar & Grill is located in the penthouse and stands over the rooftops of Zurich.

The sophisticated interior and the elegant bar provide a terrace on both sides of the building, and the visitors can enjoy the view from all sides while enjoying a perfect cocktail.

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