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3 Best Hostels in Saranda – [2022]

Saranda is a small town located in Albania. The word Saranda means “40 Saints”. It was once called Porto Edda after Mussolini’s daughter during The Second World War. If

best hostels in Tirana

7 Best Hostels in Tirana – [2022]

Tirana, the beautiful capital of Albania is a city with non-stop fun and adventure. If you’re travelling to Tirana then keep on reading for some accommodation options there. In

best hostels in shkoder albania

2 Best Hostels in Shkoder – [2022]

Shkoder is one of the oldest cities in Albania. If you’re someone who loves history and likes to travel then this is the perfect place to visit. In the


2 Best Hostels in Himare – [2022]

Himare is a small town in Albania known for its beaches. If you’re a laid back person and want to relax, you should definitely visit the small beaches of