14 BEST Hostels In Bali Indonesia [2021]

Best Hostels in Bali
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We have wrapped up a list of some of the best hostels in Bali Indonesia. It will surely help you have a great stay at this amazing place. Bali is one of the most popular island holiday destinations in Indonesia. This island draws in a range of travelers with its culture, beautiful scenery, late-night party scene and beaches. Some people may think that Bali is over-touristed, but it is not like that.

If you need to stick to a budget, travelling solo or looking to stay in high-end luxury, we’ve got some amazing choices for you.


Travelling To Bali

Sarasvati Temple, Bali, Indonesia

The lush rice terraces, deeply spiritual culture and world-class surfing attract tourists from all over the world. The people of Bali are hospitable and incredibly kind. Simple to say, Bali is a must visit if you’re staying in Indonesia for a while.

The entire island is quite safe. There is still pretty much crime such pickpockets may happen mainly in the busier areas of the island. If you want to go out partying, it is better to stay alert, You may end up with a missing bag or phone.

Bali is worthy of your time and is truly not less than a paradise. Don’t neglect it simply because it is touristy. It is perfect for all types of visitors from ultra-rich to the budget backpackers. This article includes accommodation for any type of budget.

Something that should be noted: Nyepi, the Balinese New Year, happens on March 17th and it is observed as a day of silence. No hostel will allow check-in or check-out that day. The airport is closed as well. It is actually a very amazing cultural experience.

14 Best Hostels In Bali Indonesia – Our Top Picks

Here are all the absolutely amazing hostels that Bali has to offer

#1 – Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel

Overall Best Hostel in Bali Indonesia

Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel - Overall best hostel in Bali
Free Morning Yoga Class in Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel makes it one of the best hostels in Bali, Indonesia
  • $$$
  • Free daily yoga class
  • Free Breakfast

This small hostel feels like a luxury hotel. It is surely a bit expensive, but the free morning yoga classes, a beautiful swimming pool and free breakfast make it worth the price. The staff is also incredible.

They make it a very affable place where it is easy to meet other tourists as well. They hold events such as BBQ’s and other social activities, organize tours and have an all-you-can-eat dinner. All of these qualities make Puri Garden the best overall hostel in Bali.

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#2 – Cara Cara Inn

Best Hotel In Kuta

Cara Cara Inn - Best hostel in Kuta, Bali
The fun pool inflatables is perfect for taking pictures in Cara Cara Inn, one of the best hostels in Bali
  • $$
  • Free Internet Access
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

Cara Cara hostel is perfect for those who like taking pictures for their Instagram. There are fun pool inflatables, amazing interiors all over the place, and cool neon signs.

The rooms are a bit pricey. They offer free breakfast and this hostel is located exactly in the heart of Kuta, close to everything. They make sure that the hostel stays tidy and clean so that you can enjoy your stay.

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#3 – Puri Rama Hostel

Best Party Hostel in Bali

TZ Party Hostel - Best Party Hostel in Bali
A pool along with a bar. Funny, right? Puri Rama Hostel will provide you one
  • $$
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free breakfast

Puri Rama hostel is like a traditional style building of Bali. Their swimming pool has the only swim-up bar at any hostel in Bali. There are 4 different types of rooms out of which deluxe rooms are the best because they come with a bar fridge.

The thing that makes it one of the best party hostels in Kuta is its nearness to all the nightclubs and bars. You don’t have to arrange any transport.

The staff is great and they’ll be happy to help you book your onward travel to other parts of Indonesia. It is fair to say that it is one of the coolest hostels in Bali.

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#4 – Bread & Jam Hostel

Best Cheap Hostel in Bali

Bread & Jam Hostel
The best bunks at the lowest cost are not anywhere but in Bread & Jam Hostel
  • $
  • Free towels
  • Free Breakfast

This hostel is a great less expensive option near the airport. But don’t let the price fool you though. Still, it is a boutique hostel with all the modern facilities and amazing staff.

They are within walking distance from the airport and serve a free tasty breakfast. It is a perfect place if you’re leaving early or arriving on a late flight. This is actually the best place for you near the airport in Bali.

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#5 – The Farm Hostel

Best Hostel in Canggu

The Farm Hostel - best hostel in Canggu, Bali
Beautiful poolside of The Farm Hostel where you can relax
  • $$$
  • Free towels
  • Swimming pool

The Farm Hostel has an amazing friendly atmosphere. Hostel staff always makes sure your stay is great. The food at the restaurant is quite delicious and the hostel is very clean. This one is also considered as one of the best hostels in Bali Indonesia.

Although it is not that close to the best things to do in Canggu, they have scooters to rent. This place is great for making new friends as many people go out at night. Due to these things, this is a recommended hostel in Bali.

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#6 – The Island Hotel (Kuta)

The Island Hotel (Kuta)
You can view beautiful sunsets from the rooftop of The Island Hotel
  • Free Breakfast
  • WiFi is free
  • Free Parking

They might call it a hotel, but it is actually a top Bali hostel. The dorms here are so big. If you want to stay near the beach and enjoy the nightlife of Kuta, then it is the perfect place for you.

This hostel also has a cafe, that serves wood-fired pizzas, a pretty outdoor pool, and they also serve tasty free breakfast every morning.

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#7 – Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel

Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel
Beautiful evening view of Pudak Sari Unizou Hostel
  • $$$
  • Free Towels
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

There are so many things that make Pudak Sari Unizou one of the best hostels in Bali Indonesia with private rooms. Awesome location, comfy beds, floor to ceiling windows, wood-panelled walls and amazing staff, what else can you expect from a hostel?

Not only it has 5-star interiors, but it is also the perfect place if you want to spend some time in a cool atmosphere.

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#8 – Padi Backpackers House

Padi Backpackers House
We are ready to live our best life at Padi Backpackers House!
  • $$
  • Breakfast is free
  • Towels are free
  • Free City Maps

Padi backpackers is located inside a Balinese style building. There is a lot of breezy outdoor space on the porch to enjoy and meet new people. Basically, this place is in the centre of green rice fields in a very beautiful spot.

No doubt it is the best hostel in Ubud due to its staff. They can go up to any extent to make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy. They make it the perfect place for those who want to socialize in a relaxing place. There is also a very delicious free breakfast daily.

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Other Best Hostels in Bali

#9 – Arya Monkey Forest

Arya Monkey Forest
Great for solo travelers – Arya Monkey Forest is a hostel for socializing
  • $$
  • Fax service
  • Bar

Arya hostel is a beautiful hostel located behind the Monkey Forest in Ubud. It is at a short distance from all the main sights and famous restaurants and cafes in Ubud. The cleanliness of this hostel is very amazing and the staff is so friendly. They are always willing to help and make you feel comfortable during your stay in the hostel.

This hostel is best for solo travelers and those who like to socialize. The hostel organizes bbq nights, day trips and free yoga sessions. Free breakfast is also provided at the hostel. The BBQ even has so many vegetarian choices. Arya Monkey Forest is definitely recommended as one of the best hostels in Bali Indonesia.

One difficulty that the travelers face here is that the toilets are at the other end of the hostel. So you have to walk there with your things.

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#10 – Lagas Hostel

Lagas Hostel
Create new buddies and memories in Lagas Hostel, Bali
  • $
  • Swimming pool
  • Free breakfast

Avoid all the rush of central Ubud and relax at Lagas Hostel. The rooms are cleaned every day and the free breakfast is very delicious.

There is a swimming pool with a waterfall where you can pose to get a perfect photo for your Instagram. The owner and the staff of this hostel are what makes it more special.

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#11 – Puji Hostel

Puji Hostel
Great atmosphere with great staff, Puji Hostel is surely one of the best hostels in Bali
  • $$
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Breakfast

Basically, Puji Hostel is one big house in Ubud that has been converted to a hostel, so it feels really friendly and homely. The staff at Puji make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. They even makes banana pancakes in the morning to get you ready for your busy day ahead.

It is a great choice for those who want to stay in one of the top hostels. This hostel have a pool, but are on a budget. The beds are so comfy and rooms even have lockers for the safety of your valuables.

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#12 – Bali Bobo

Bali Bobo
Bali Bobo is the best hostel for a person who like beach
  • $$
  • Good atmosphere and location
  • Swimming pool

The Bali Bobo is one of the top hostels in Bali. The staff members are amazing. You can enjoy hot showers, high-quality beds, and most importantly its atmosphere. It is very easy to meet your fellow travellers here, and organize your Bali trip through their tours, social activities, events, and cultural lessons.

It is a bit expensive but sure feels like a luxury hostel. Bali Bobo is located in Jimbaran which is a residential area close to restaurants and shops. It is away from all the noise and traffic, yet close to all the facilities. Moreover, Bali Bobo is located near some of the best beaches in Bali.

The mission of this hostel is to welcome you as a guest. They will treat you as a friend, and look forward to welcoming you back again as a family.

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#13 – H-Ostel

H-Ostel is great for socializing with new people
  • $$
  • Rooftop common area
  • Free breakfast

This hostel is located in the heart of Kuta and it is decently priced, modern, and clean. They have both single beds for those who are travelling solo and queen size beds who are travelling with a partner.

The rooms also contain lockers so that all of your belongings remain safe. All of these facilities make it one of the best hostels in Kuta.

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#14 – Big Pineapple

Big Pineapple
Sit and have a chitchat with your fellow travelers during your free time in Big Pineapple hostel
  • $
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free towels

This hostel is amazing after a long tiring day. They have a movie room with a TV and loads of DVDs to watch, a pool table, and a swimming pool.

It is also a great option to stay at the beginning or end of your trip. They have a car and offer you a pick up or drop off at the airport at a very reasonable price. No doubt it is one of the best hostels in Sanur.

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Are hostels in Bali safe?

Bali is commonly a protected spot and is visited by many independent voyagers. Hostels in Bali are a safe place where you can enjoy most of your time without worrying about your privacy and stuff. You are given lockers in case you have precious stuff. There are numerous modest and incredible hostels in Bali that may suit you too.

How to get around in Bali?

To get around Bali with the least cost, you can take a stab at riding one of the minibuses called Bemo. Regardless of the low costs, drivers will even now charge more for outsiders, so break out your wrangling aptitudes.

Can you go to Bali by yourself?

Though you can definitely go to Bali by yourself. The individuals you will meet there and the local people of Bali will never let you feel alone. For reasons unknown, Bali is likely the most performance amicable goal I've at any point headed out to.

Do you need a Licence to ride a scooter in Bali?

The appropriate response is that yes, you do require a universal drivers permit to lease a bike in Bali. It's not really hard to get a global permit in many nations..

Final Thoughts!

These were some of the best hostels in Bali Indonesia. There are so many places to stay that are budget-friendly and close to many of the best beaches. If you are heading to Bali to lay on beaches and sipping cocktails then you’ll enjoy every minute of your trip.

So many of the hostels look pretty expensive, but they turn out to be budget-friendly. Also, the staff of almost every hostel is great and welcoming. They make sure that the guests are satisfied and have an amazing stay there.

We know there are a lot of hostels to choose from, read our ultimate guide to help you make a decision.


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