8 BEST Hostels In Byron Bay [Nov 2021]


In the below article, we will discuss about 8 best hostels in Byron Bay. Byron Bay is a remote town located in New South Wales on the northern coast of Australia.

Cape Byron is the most easterly point of Australia having numerous beaches, hinterlands, and many other exciting tourist attractions.

The summers in Byron Bay are more on the cooler side instead of really hot, and the winters are moderate. The weather makes Byron Bay an ideal tourist destination all around the year. The population in Byron Bay is 9000.

The Bay is located just off the Pacific Highway at 800 km North of Sydney. The nearby airports from Byron Bay are in Coolangatta located at a distance of 60 minutes on the North and Ballina, which is located 30 minutes away on the South.

8 BEST Hostels In Byron Bay

One of the main concerns when travelling to any new place is accommodation. But you need not to worry anymore as we have done the research and compiled the eight best hostels for you to stay in when you travel to Byron Bay.


#1 – Wake Up Byron Bay 

Best Hostel In Byron Bay For Beach Lovers

Wake Up Byron Bay
Wake Up Byron Bay is perfect for you if you are a beach lover
  • $$
  •  Free Wi-Fi
  • Free paddle and surfboard hire

The Wake-up Byron bay hostel is located right on the beach. This means that whenever you want, you can go out and have a walk along the beach or dive in for a swim.

The hostel treats its guests with a free breakfast of pancakes, especially on Sundays. All the rooms in the hostel are air-conditioned, which is a benefit when you are travelling to Byron Bay in summers.

The hostel offers many different activities for the guests, which are quite unlike other hostels. This includes free yoga classes in which you can meditate and relax while being close to nature. You can enjoy free training sessions, and if you are a foodie then the $10 events of food will excite you.

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#2 – Arts Factory Lodge 

Best High-End Hostel In Byron Bay

Arts Factory Lodge
If you want to avail some top notch facilities, then Arts Factory Lodge is best to stay in Byron Bay
  •  $$$
  •  24-hour reception
  •  ATM

This hostel is spread out on 5 acres and is based upon giving the guests a tropical experience in Byron Bay. You can chill with a glass of margarita in hammocks or go for a picnic on the beaches located just 10 mins away from the hostel.

You can choose between different accommodation options like island bungalows, dorms, and double rooms. The hostel also has a cosy swimming pool. This hostel will cater to your needs perfectly if you are easy-going and flexible with the atmosphere.

The guests can enjoy different games like indoor table tennis or volleyball on the beach. The showers of the hostel take long to get hot water, and the Wi-fi doesn’t work well.

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#3 – Aquarius Backpackers 

Best Hostel For Solo Travellers

Aquarius Backpackers
Great to make new friends, Aquarius Backpackers has a lot of fun activities to offer which makes it the best hostel for solo travelers in Byron Bay
  •  $$
  • Free parking
  • Shuttle bus

The Aquarius Backpackers serve freshly made dinners to guests every night for free, which is different from other hostels that offer free breakfasts. It is located at a distance of 100 meters from the Main Beach of Byron Bay.

There are night activities held in the hostel with prizes awarded to the winner of each game. The hostel provides the facility of Shuttle bus to guests from and to the Byron Bay Terminal.

Moreover, you can sip on some of the cheapest and best drinks in the bar built within the hostel. You can spend your time in the hostel by getting involved in a bunch of activities like beach games, foosball, live soccer matches, or whichever game you like.

You can meet with the travel agent at the reception if you are in search of help in planning trips. The bathrooms need to be cleaned more often while the Wi-Fi works terribly.

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#4 – Backpackers Inn 

Best Hostel For Socializing

Backpackers Inn
Backpackers Inn is great if you love peaceful environment as parties are not allowed in the hostel
  • $$
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor swimming pool

The Backpackers Inn is located at a distance of a few meters from the Golden beach. It allows you to closely observe the beauty of Byron Bay as it set by the waters of the bay, and you can witness the iconic surf break known as the ‘Wreck.’

Parties are restricted in the hostel, which is a plus if you don’t like to be in a loud environment for long. To compensate for the parties, the hostel conducts events like Live fire shows, music events, BBQ nights, etc.

The hostel also offers free breakfast to the guests. The rooms are functional having small lockers to keep your belongings and other stuff. Since the hostel is located on the beach, it can be covered in sand at times as the wind blows.

The staff, however, puts in their best effort to limit the amount of sand entering the rooms.

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#5 – Cape Byron YHA 

Overall Best Hostel In Byron Bay

Cape Byron YHA
Cape Byron YHA is near all main tourist attractions in Byron Bay
  • $$
  • Bike for hire
  • Free bodyboard

This hostel is located in the heart of Byron Bay and is only a few miles away from the main beach. You can experience all the main and common tourist activities during your stay in this hostel.

You can explore the beach by getting your feet right in the sand. If your trip to Australia is between June and November, then you are in great luck as you enjoy kayaking with dolphins and whales.

The hostel is generally, and the staff invests time and effort to ensure that the guest is satisfied during their stay in the hostel. Cape Byron YHA has a tropical vibe running across it.

The beds are comfortable and clean, so you can easily drift off to sleep once you are in bed. The internet in the hostel does not seem to work well.

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Other BEST Hostels In Byron Bay

#6 – Backpackers Holiday Village

Backpackers Holiday Village
Surf, Party, and Enjoy – Backpackers Holiday Village is all about fun
  • $$
  • Unique layout to promote socializing
  • Free surfboards for use

The Backpackers Hostel Village is an open space hostel designed differently from other hostels in Byron Bay. The concept behind the layout is promoting and encouraging interaction between people while they stay in the hostel.

This is the only hostel in Byron Bay where you can use surfboards, bikes, and bodyboards, for free. You can explore the nearby markets on the bikes or enjoy surfing on the fresh waves of the beach.

It is quite affordable in contrast to the other hostels, and it is great for people who love a party-like atmosphere. The hostel is spacious, with clean and well-managed rooms.

The kitchen is big, and there is ample space for you to move around and help yourself with food. There are enough bathrooms and showers to accommodate a large number of guests staying in the hostel.

One problem is that some people stay for the long term in the hostel which makes it quite difficult to interact with new people.

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#7 – Nomads Byron Bay

Nomads Byron Bay
Nomads Byron Bay is perfectly built and has a great location
  • $$
  • Elevator
  • Bicycle Parking

Located centrally in the center of town with a distance of only a few meters from the main beach, this hostel is great for a stay while you are in Byron Bay.  You can lay down to relax by the beach or visit the Byron Bay lighthouse.

If you want to stay in the hostel but have fun, then all you need to do is hang out with new people in the courtyard of the hostel, which is equipped with a 12-seater jacuzzi.

The dorms are air-conditioned, and you can also book a private room for yourself if you want. There are plenty of showers and bathrooms on each floor of the hostel.

The beds in the rooms are nice and comfy, while the rooms are spacious enough to accommodate your luggage easily. Although the hostel has a number of activities to offer, they are often not executed so well.  Other facilities in the hostel include a TV lounge, balcony view from the rooms, internet, and fully equipped kitchen.

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#8 – Byron Bay Beach Hostel

Byron Bay Beach Hostel
Byron Bay Beach hostel is newly built and offers modern facilities
  • $$
  • 24-hour reception
  • Internet Café

Built with modern facilities, the Byron Bay beach hostel is one of the most recently built hostels here in Byron Bay. It is equipped with brand-new purpose-built features and is situated at a distance of 50 meters from the main beach.

The hostel encourages interaction between people as you get the opportunity of meeting new people on the rooftop café and cook with new friends in the spacious kitchens.

The rooms do not have any lockers, so your belongings need to be kept under the bed cage. The hostel is quite bigger when compared to an average hostel in Byron Bay, but the atmosphere of the hostel is warm and friendly. The rooms are clean, tidy, and well maintained by the staff who is kind and welcoming.

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What is the best time to visit Byron Bay?

Let's face it, a stormy day in Byron Bay is as yet multiple times better than being at home or at work and keeping in mind that the climate can never be anticipated there are better seasons to visit when the precipitation is low. The best ideal opportunity to visit is in Spring from September to November.

How many days in Byron bay is enough?

3 days to investigate what Byron Bay, Australia brings to the table. Known for its awesome scene of staggering coastline and various types of dolphins, Byron Bay has gotten one of Australia's most sizzling sea shore goals.

Is Byron bay expensive to visit?

Byron Is Now More Expensive than Sydney. With a populace of only 34,500 individuals and a middle house cost of $987,500, Australia's most costly city is currently Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales.

Is Byron bay a good holiday destination?

While Byron Bay might be the most celebrated town in northern New South Wales, it's not by any means the only one worth visiting. The food specifically merits the outing in itself and I strongly suggest chasing down the Byron Bay Organic Doughnut truck when you show up as they sell out quickly and are too acceptable to ever be missed.

Final thoughts!

We hope that the above list would help you to some extent in finding the right hostel for you. All the hostels have varying facilities and feature so make sure that you choose the one that fits you best.

We understand how crucial it is to find the right hostel as the entire trip can be made worth or worse by the hostel experience. Therefore, we got all the information you need to be covered for you in the above list. 


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