10 BEST Hostels In Salzburg [Nov 2021]


Do you have Salzburg on your bucket list or have chosen it as your next holiday destination? This article will help you find the best hostels in Salzburg that will make your vacation even more enjoyable.

Salzburg is the capital of the State of Salzburg. It is the fourth largest city in Austria, having a population of around 154 thousand people. For people who love to explore different cultures and architecture, Salzburg has a lot to offer. You would find yourself lost in the rich culture and heritage of the city while you stay in one of the best hostels in Salzburg.

Salzburg has a perfect blend of traditional and modern life. Although it covers a small area, there is a lot to explore in the city ranging from different architectures and arts. You will be greatly inspired by the different cultural values of the region.

Now that we have looked into what Salzburg has to offer while we visit the place, the next question lands on to where you are going to stay when you are in Salzburg.

Hotels and motels can be quite expensive for staying. You can go for a better option which is to stay in one of the best hostels in Salzburg that we have covered for you in the article below.

10 Best Hostels In Salzburg

The Top-Rated Hostels Picked By Us For You!

After contrasting and comparing the different hostels, we have compiled the following guide for you, giving an insight into the best hostels in Salzburg.

#1 – Yoho International Youth Hostel Salzburg

Best overall hostel in Salzburg

Yoho International Youth Hostel Salzburg
Yoho International Youth Hostel is overall the best hostel in Salzburg
  • $$
  • 24-hour reception
  • Meeting rooms

You can easily check into the Yoho International Youth Hostel at any time of the day as here, unlike other hostels, the hostel staff is there to welcome you 24/7. The hostel has its restaurant to allow you to experience the taste of Austrian cuisine.

The rooms are spacious and well maintained. You can keep your belongings safely in the locker beside your bed, which can only be opened with your room card. There are shared showers and bathrooms that are enough in number to accommodate many guests at a time.

You can enjoy two happy hours at the bar each day and enjoy the screening of ‘The Sound of Music’ in the movie room.

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#2 – Meininger Salzburg City Center

Hostel with the best location in Salzburg

Meininger Salzburg City Center
Meininger Salzburg City Center has perfect location
  • $$
  • Security lockers
  • Common rooms

The Meininger Salzburg City Center has the best hostel location in Salzburg. You can easily get to all the popular tourist attractions while staying in this hostel.

It is situated near the historic from where you would get to explore the favorite tourist spots like Festival Hall. You can start your day with an all you can eat breakfast buffet that is set up in the breakfast room.

You can hang out with friends while having drinks in the bar during the evening and enjoy the view of the beautiful night sky from the roof terrace. There are internet terminals located in the lobby, or you can connect to the free Wi-Fi available in the hostel. You can enjoy while playing games or singing along in the karaoke evening.

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#3 – Wolfgang’s managed by a&o

Best party hostel in Salzburg

Wolfgang’s managed by a&o
Love partying? Wolfgangs managed by a&o is the best party hostel in Salzburg
  • $$$
  • Free internet access
  • Key card access

The Wolfgang hostel is located at a distance of 400 meters from the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof. While staying in one of the best hostels in Salzburg, you will only be 10 minutes away from the popular sightseeing spots. You can easily take any public transport as there are many connections near the hostel.

There are large common areas where you can socialise and have a conversation with fellow hostelers. The bathrooms and the rooms are well managed by the staff and kept clean.

You can easily catch a train from the train station, which is 5 minutes away from the hostel. A little drawback is that you have to pay for the sheets and towels in the room.

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#4 – A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof

Hostel with modern facilities in Salzburg

A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
If you want to get facilitated by top notch facilities then A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof is the hostel with modern facilities in Salzburg
  • $$
  • BBQ dinners
  • Parking

Located only 500 meters away from the Central Station of Salzburg, the A&O Salzburg Hauptbahnhof is a hostel equipped with fully functional and modern design rooms. The staff is friendly and gives you a warm welcome on arrival, along with assistance whenever needed.

The hostel is large, with spacious rooms. You can shop from the supermarket and stores located right around the corner of the hostel. There are small lockers inside the rooms for you to keep your belongings.

The hostel is surrounded by a great, friendly atmosphere. You need to pay for the new sheets as the bedsheets already available in the room might be used or unclean.

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#5 – Salzburg – Eduard-Heinrich- Haus

Best hostel for solo travellers in Salzburg

Salzburg – Eduard-Heinrich- Haus
Enjoy relaxing environment in Salzburg – Eduard-Heinrich- Haus as it is the hostel with most peaceful environment in Salzburg
  • $$
  • Private bathrooms
  • TV room

If you would like to stay in a peaceful and quiet hostel, then this one would be the perfect choice for you. Each room has about one to six-bed so you can choose between a private room or a mixed dorm. You can enjoy a game of table tennis or chess with fellow hostelers or enjoy some shows in the TV room.

The bathrooms in each room are well managed and clean. There is a separate wardrobe in each room for you to keep your belongings, and it can be accessed with a key.

The rooms are quite spacious, and the staff is always there to help you around the place. The internet in the hostel has a slow connection and does not work quite well in the rooms.

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#6 – Summer Hostel Salzburg

Best hostel for couples in Salzburg

Summer Hostel Salzburg
Summer Hostel Salzburg has an amazing environment and is one of the best hostels in Salzburg
  • $$
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Bikes available for rent

The Summer hostel offers a comfortable and cosy environment to the hostlers during their stay. The staff is friendly and professional, so they are always ready to serve you. The hostel is well managed in terms of cleanliness. You can enjoy coffee and have your bathroom in the private room or socialise with fellow hostelers in the mixed dorm.

The hostel is located only five minutes away from the Central Station. You will be provided with fresh towels, soaps and shampoos every day during your stay at the hostel. The beds in a mixed dorm are separated instead of bunk beds which is a plus for people who do not like bunk beds and want to stay on a budget.

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Other Well Recognized And Best Hostels In Salzburg

#7 – 7 Days Premium Hotel Salzburg

7 Days Premium Hotel Salzburg
7 Days Premium Hotel Salzburg hostel is near main city center in Salzburg
  • $$
  • Summer terrace
  • Soundproofed rooms

If you want to stay close to the main city Centre, then the 7 Days Premium Hotel would be well suited for you. You can stay in one of the soundproofed rooms that are featured with free access to the internet, private bathrooms and TV. The rooms are air conditioned, which is a bonus if you are going to stay during summers.

There is a decent lounge area where you can spend your time while being in the hostel. The rooms are spacious and clean so that you can fit in easily. You can start your day off with a generous breakfast and head out to explore the city with your group or by taking a train. You might also like to look at our best hostels recommendation in Innsbruck.

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#8 – Goldenes Theatre Hotel Salzburg

Goldenes Theatre Hotel Salzburg
Goldenes Theatre Hotel Salzburg is the best hostel for taking rest in Salzburg
  • $$$
  • 24-hour reception
  • Storage for luggage

Although it is located in central Salzburg, the Goldenes Theatre Hotel offers a quiet and calm hostel experience. It is great for people who want to have a good night’s sleep after a long day of exploring the city. It is located near to all the well-known tourist spots like Mirabelle Castle and the old Town Centre.

The rooms are fully functional, clean and well maintained. The staff is welcoming and polite to the guests. There is an AC for each room, and the hotel is managed well with good security. You can refer to the front desk if you want to get a trip arranged for yourself. If you are a foodie, then you will love the scrumptious breakfast served by the hostel.

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#9 – Hotel Lasserhof

Hotel Lasserhof
Hotel Lasserhof is one of the top amazing hostels in Salzburg
  • $$
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Parking facility

You would be welcomed with a complimentary breakfast buffet as you stay in this family-run hostel. The rooms are clean and updated having access to a patio. The attendants at the front desk are helpful and always ready to help the guests with luggage or other queries.

Hotel Lasserhof is located perfectly between the Old Town and train station. You can conveniently explore the popular city attractions while staying in this hostel without having to cover long distances on the train. Each room is equipped with its private shower and bathroom.

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#10 – Der Sulzbugerhof & Hotel-Annex

Der Sulzbugerhof & Hotel-Annex
Der Sulzbugerhof & Hotel-Annex is near all tourist attractions of Salzburg
  • $$
  • Cable TV
  • Luggage storage

If you want to spend your whole day exploring Salzburg and its famous sightseeing attractions, then you have a stay at the Der Salzburgerhof & Hotel-Annex hostel. The staff offers a good quality service to ensure that you have a comfortable stay at the hostel.

The hostel offers a stupendous breakfast so you can get the energy you need for a long day ahead. The facilities are managed quite well. The hostel’s proximity to the bus stops and train stations make it perfect for city explorers. Der Salzburgerhof & Hotel-Annex is a budget-friendly and offers all the facilities you would expect from a high-quality hostel.

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What is the best time to visit Salzburg?

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Salzburg is from September to October when summer swarms have tightened and you can appreciate the delightfully pruned gardens in moderate temperatures. Despite the fact that the slopes start to sing and sprout in spring, March and April are still somewhat cold. Summer's exquisite climate brings expanded traffic, temperatures and costs.

How many days in Salzburg is enough?

The ideal measure of time to visit in Salzburg is four days. A 4-day proposed schedule for Salzburg is essentially equivalent to three-day stay however with some additional squirm space for partitioning your time and to explore everything this place brings to the table.

Is Salzburg worth visiting?

Salzburg merits the outing as it is a vacationer’s well-disposed city and truly walkable so in a day you can see and do a great deal. It is completely worth the side excursion!

Is Salzburg safe?

Salzburg is presumably perhaps the most secure spot in the whole world. It is a lot more secure than in most of the other neighbourhoods. Strolled about during the night and night hours and never felt perilous.

Wrap up!

Salzburg will make the perfect holiday destination if you are a person who loves to have an insight of rich cultures and architectures. You can have fun exploring the city the whole day and then head back to one of the best hostels in Salzburg that we have compiled for you in the above article.

We hope that this article will save you from the trouble of finding accommodation and you will enjoy your stay in one of the best hostels in Salzburg.


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