13 BEST Hostels In Seoul [Nov 2021]


If you are travelling to Seoul and wondering what are the best hostels in Seoul in 2020? Then we have the answer for you. Seoul is the capital and one of the Largest cities in South Korea. Seoul is a UNESCO City of Design.

The area size of the city is 605.2km. Over two thousand years ago, it was founded in 18 BCE. It’s an enchanting mixture of ancient places, traditional wooden houses, and beautiful temples. This city is a symbol of the rapid rise to modernization. It is considered as the most leading and rising city of South Korea. 

Seoul is the world’s 10th most economically powerful city. Travelers can easily find plenty of opportunities to do an outing. It has a purely Asian heart. There are three popular landmarks, the tourists can visit in Seoul these are N Seoul Tower, Deoksugung Palace, and The Seoul World Cup Stadium. It is also known as a major business hub.

13 Best Hostels In Seoul, South Korea

Here we provide you the list of best hostels in Seoul that provide great facilities to its visitors. By our blog finding the best hostel in Seoul is easy. We have done the legwork for you by listing all the best hostels in a list and by showing all the details. So that you can easily select the best hostel for you. That is the right fit according to your requirements.

#1- ZZZIP Guesthouse

Best hostel for solo travellers in Seoul

ZZZIP Guesthouse
ZZZIP Guesthouse is the best hostel for solo travellers
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Tea and Coffee
  • Discount Vouchers

ZZZIP is the best price hostel in Seoul. It provides both the combined and females only room to visitors. Its view is eye-catching. It offers free delicious breakfast before heading out to the city and tea and coffee in the evening time. You can keep your profiles and status updated while enjoying free Wifi service 24/7.

The hostel residentials can enjoy the special discount offer to the best outing places in Seoul such as Lotte World and Dragon Hill that are the hottest attractions of Seoul. In ZZZIP you can enjoy book exchange, shared kitchen, Indoor, and outdoor sitting.

For solo travelers, ZZZIP is the best hostel in Seoul with the perfect budget. There are mall and market places nearby. You can enjoy its all-around amazingness. Its location is beautiful. 

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#2 – Bunk Guest House

Best Hostel with Private Room

Bunk Guest House
Beautifully built, Bunk Guesthouse is the best hostel with private rooms in Seoul
  • $$
  • Free Breakfast
  • Laundry Facilities

Bunk hostel is located in the most beautiful place in the heart of city Hongdae. 

It is situated near the subway green line and Airport railway.

In the hostel Bunk Guest House, you can enjoy so many things such as BBQ fun parties on the roof terrace. Public transport is so near so that every visitor can travel the whole city easily. 

This hostel has a guest house that has a shared kitchen with all facilities such as a hot tub, a chilled-out-lounge and a steam room where you can cook up a feast of your choice.

As cycling is good for health, here you can enjoy a bicycle when you want. Free breakfast and wifi are also offered. The private rooms are well furnished and clean, that you can feel so comfortable there. This is a good budget hostel with an attractive location and comfy beds. Also, you can move to other pleasing locations in Seoul conveniently.

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#3 – Whitetail Backpacker and Hostel

Top budget youth hostel in Seoul

Whitetail Backpacker and Hostel
Providing a lot of fun activities, Whitetail Backpackers and Hostel is the best budget youth hostel in Seoul
  • $
  • Book Exchange
  • Public Computers

The Whitetail Hostel is located in a vibrant area of University town. Near this hostel, there are a lot of activities options around including cool cafes, bars, 24-hours service stores, and other party areas. It directly connects the Subway station by which the tourists can approach the airport, railway station and all main visitors spots. 

Whitetail Backpacker and hostel is a top budget youth hostel. Modern explorers attracted to this hostel because this hostel fulfills the modern needs of keen travelers. It is located in a popular area and nearby Hongdae. 

In this hostel you can enjoy free wifi, public computers and lockers to keep your devices and important stuff safe. There is a large communal room where you can interact with other travelers. Its best high-end hostel in Seoul which provides you affordable luxuries.

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#4 – Time Travelers Party Hostel

Best Party Hostel In Seoul

Time Travelers Party Hostel
Come stay at Time Travelers Party Hostel – The best party hostel in Seoul
  • $$
  • Communal Lounge
  • Pool Tables
  • Party Bar

The time travelers party bar is located in the main Hongdae. It is open basement bar. Everyone loves to enjoy parties. This hostel provides a chilling atmosphere with a pool table, retro arcade machines and beer.

This hostel is located in the party area. Here you can arrange grand parties. The staff can make recommendations to make your parties best to go. 

The time travelers party bar is a piece of great artwork. There you can enjoy the communal kitchen and lounge where you can interact with other travelers. You can also enjoy a lot more fun stuff by indulging in activities such as darts and foosball. In Hongdae, this hostel is the best place for party animals.

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#5 – Time Travelers Relax

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads In Seoul

Time Travelers Relax
Read books and gain knowledge at Time Travelers Relax hostel – best hostel for digital nomads in Seoul
  • $$
  • Sublime Library
  • Trending Paintings

As the name suggests, the time travelers relax guesthouse is a place to relax. It is relatable to say read and relax as this hostel offers a first-class library where the travelers can spend time with the books of their choice. So this is the right place for single tourists to spend time with books in a peaceful environment.

When you get tired of the busy routine life of Seoul or by exploring Seoul you can take a breath of relaxing at this place quietly with lots of novels and a cozy atmosphere. Trending paintings will attract you to this place. 

The time travelers relax hostel is located in easy reach of Hongdae. Here you can stay connected to the wifi. This is a best place to work on the laptop or to complete your pending work as it gives you a relaxing atmosphere. In fact, it is a great digital nomad hostel in Seoul. 

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#6 – Lian Guesthouse

Best Hostel Near Incheon International Airport

Lian Guesthouse
You won’t miss your flight as Lian Gusthouse is the best hostel near Incheon International Airport
  • $$
  • Currency Exchange
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Perfect Location
  • Air Conditioning and Heating

Lian guesthouse is the best hostel located near Incheon International airport in Hongdae. 

It also facilitates the travelers with nearby metro stops and a railway station.

This hostel provides you 24 hours security, air-conditioned rooms, heaters, 24-hours hot water, fully equipped kitchen, a communal living room with 55’’ TV, fax, telephone, and many more services.

Along with all these facilities, tourists can enjoy beautiful cozy garden. There you will enjoy delicious free breakfast and laundry facilities. In fact, this is the best and secured hostel near Incheon Airport.

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#7 – Backpackers Inside

Best Budget Hostel In Seoul

Backpackers Inside
Save money while travelling to Seoul as Backpackers Inside is the best budget hostel in Seoul
  • $
  • Equipped Kitchen
  • High-Speed Free Internet

Backpackers Inside is the best budget hostel in Seoul. In this hostel, you can enjoy a real Korean Lifestyle and a comfortable stay. It is situated in the heart of Daehangno that is a historical and cultural place.

By living there you can easily avail of facilities such as public transport and subway station. There is a fully equipped kitchen and a communal sitting lounge where you can sit and communicate with other travelers and fellows while having a cup of tea. 

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#8 – Lazy Fox Den

Top Hostel In Seoul

Lazy Fox Den
Due to its decor and amazing location, Lazy Fox Den is the top rated hostel in Seoul
  • $$
  • Appealing Interior Decor
  • Attractive Location

Lazy Fox Den is a most recommended for its outstanding decor and and pretty location. 

This hostel is all about zeen, enthusiasm and passion. This hostel is so airy and beautiful. Here you can avail public transport link. All kinds of dorms are available.

All guests can reserve their separate locker. To stay fresh and fragrant there is an awesome terrace where you can breathe in the open air. Here you can adeptly spent time in proper decorated kitchen. While having all such benefits you can enjoy free wifi and parking as well. 

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Other amazing hostels in Seoul

#9 – Brownie Guesthouse

Brownie Guesthouse
Brownie Guesthouse is near main attractions in Seoul
  • $$
  • Outstanding Decor
  • High Degree Of Cleanliness

Brownie guesthouse is located near Hongik University Station. You can say that this is the best place to stay in Seoul. If you are looking for an amazing place to stay and spend quality time then brownie hostel is best selection. It is a few steps away from majestic sightseeing spots such as Geyongbokgung palace, Jongno, Myeondong etc. It is near Gimpo Airport.

Here each room has air conditioner and underground heating system. It provides free wifi throughout the building. In this hostel the white painted wooden walls throws a peaceful effect in anyone’s eyes.

There are metal framed beds for traveler’s ease and comfort. Along with it, all famous boutiques and shopping centers are in walking distance. In Seoul this is the coolest place to stay in. 

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#10 – Namu Guesthouse

Namu Guesthouse
Namu Guesthouse is the place to stay having the most relaxing environment in Seoul
  • $$
  • Amazing staff
  • Comfortable environment

Namu guest house is the best place for you, if you are looking for a comfortable environment. 

Here all managers are so cooperative and friendly. They help you in all possible ways to make your travel remarkable. Here you can enjoy tea, juice, coffee, cereals , cheese and eggs etc. 

They have all fresh organic bakery items that are perfect for health. The hostel staff serves special kind of home cooked heavy breakfast on Sundays. The managers will help in planning your tours to Seoul city by reserving seats and booking tickets etc.

Here you will clean find your room and all surrounding neat and clean every second. The hostel provides free wifi and laundry services freely. 

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#11 – Hostel Haru

Hostel Haru
Because of its beautiful private rooms, Hostel Haru is the top rated hostel in Seoul
  • $$
  • Amazing window views
  • Free Printing & Faxing Services

Hostel Haru is the highest rated hostel in Seoul. It is a sparkling hostel. Here private rooms are outstanding but along with it you can also get some common areas to make connections and for socializing.

It is situated in the heart of Seoul. Along with it you can get the benefits of high speed internet, printing and faxing services.

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#12 – NG House

NG House
NG House offers many facilities to travellers – a great hostel in Seoul
  • $$
  • BBQ
  • Intimate Vibe

It a beautiful hostel in Seoul with short distance from Hongdae. It is a small hostel with little well decorated rooms. Here you can set everything you want such as communal kitchen , lounge, free internet, free laundry facilities. It is close to the market and mall.

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#13 – Fully Hong Hostel

Fully Hong Hostel
Enjoy delicious Korean dishes at Fully Hong Hostel – one of the best hostels in Seoul

This Hostel was opened in 2011 and its a place to enjoy and relax. Its rooms are fully furnished with all new facilities. There is a beautiful cafe where you can spend time with your fellow beings while having a cup of tea or coffee.

You can enjoy watching TV or playing games on computers or by spending quality time in the kitchen by preparing your favourite meals. Also you can enjoy traditional Korean food. This is the perfect place to taste new delicious Korean dishes and to learn more.

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What is the best time to visit Seoul?

September to November is the time when the gentle temperatures (avg temp: 19-21°C), low precipitation and common magnificence make harvest time a solid adversary to spring as the best season to visit South Korea. From summer highs of 30°C the temperatures in winter can dive to as low as - 20°C once in a while in the northern districts of the Gangwon-do Province, despite the fact that it tends to be fundamentally milder along the southern coast.

How many days in Seoul is enough?

3 days or 72 hours in Seoul is a decent measure of time to witness the features of the city. 4 to 7 days will give you an opportunity to go climbing, to visit a greater amount of the most common way to go attractions or to take a couple of day trips from Seoul.

Is Seoul expensive to visit?

Seoul is genuinely a gigantic city, and it has things in about each value run accessible. It's unquestionably less expensive than Tokyo, yet more costly than the greater part of the bigger urban areas in China. Deals can be found in Seoul inns and inns, and extraordinary extravagance is likewise accessible.

Is Seoul a good holiday destination?

You can discover a quarters room on Airbnb in Seoul for as low as US$10 per night. This is the thing that makes South Korea an incredible occasion in East Asia. While Seoul is apparently the most exciting city in South Korea, it's not by any means the only huge city that merits a visit. Regardless of its little size, South Korea has a lot of energizing urban communities from north to south.

Final Thoughts!

These were some of the best hostels in Seoul where you can stay during your trip. We hope this list will help you in choosing the best hostel according to your needs and budget.


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