14 BEST Hostels In Perth [Nov 2021]


Are you planning to visit Perth as your next holiday destination? Then this article will help you to find accomodation in one of the best hostels in Perth.

Perth is one of the brightest cities in Australia. Being the sunniest capital city, Perth is the perfect city to visit if you want to explore the blend of raw natural beauty with urban life.

The city full of life and the heart of Perth is bustling with diverse cultural spaces, bars, restaurants and all that you need to see in a tourist destination. One of the largest inner-city parks, King’s Park, is located in Perth. While staying in the best hostels in Perth, you would only be a few miles away from the beautiful Swan Valley.

Perth offers a whole lot of natural beauty to its visitors with its stunning beaches and aesthetic sunsets. You can even dive into the water to swim with the local dolphins and explore the marine life that lies underneath. You can experience the best of both worlds where the busy metropolis city life meets calm white sand beaches.

Are you ready to visit this beautiful land where nature and urban life exist in perfect harmony? Then this article has got you covered in accommodation. We have compiled the best hostels in Perth for you all in one place.

The Top-Rated 14 Hostels In Perth

Our best picks for you!

Now that you have chosen Perth as your next holiday destination, you can choose from the following best hostels in Perth to stay in.

#1 – Britannia on William

Best overall hostel in Perth

Britannia on William
Britannia on William is overall the best hostel in Perth
  • $$
  • BBQ, pool table and outside terrace
  • Free Wi-Fi

Situated at a distance of 200 meters from Central Perth, the Britannia on William provides accommodation to guests starting from $20. The hostel is built inside an old building which is in Northbridge’s inner suburbs. Being located in a fine location, you can easily get around Perth while staying in this hostel.

You can take a tube from the tube station, which is at 2 minutes from the hostel. The staff well maintains the hostels and the rooms are cleaned regularly. You will not feel out of space while staying in this hostel as you can easily meet new people in the common room. The WIFI can sometimes cause a bit of a problem and does not work at high speed.

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#2 – Spinner’s Backpackers

Best party hostel in Perth

Spinner’s Backpackers
Love partying? Come stay at Spinner’s Backpackers as it is the best party hostel in Perth
  • $$
  • Free internet
  • Air-conditioned

The Spinner’s Backpackers is a relaunched hostel in Perth. It has a former experience of being the best hostel in Perth for 25 years. It is now available for hostelers with new and better facilities. The bathrooms in each room are fully functional, building with a new design.

The hostel’s atmosphere is comfortable and cozy so you can find yourself relaxed. You are facilitated with your shelf and charging port by the side of your bed. You can keep your personal belongings in the cabinets, which you can lock with your lock.

The kitchen is well equipped with many utensils so you can easily help yourself with a meal anytime you want. The staff is very friendly and is always enthusiastic to welcome its guests. The air conditioner does not work very well sometimes.

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#3 – Hostel G Perth

Best designed hostel in Perth

Hostel G Perth
Beautifully built – Hostel G Perth has an amazing design
  • $$$
  • Five different room types
  • Self-catering options

Hostel G Perth has been well designed to meet the standards of international hostels. During your stay in this hostel, you would be just a few steps away from having access to the public transport of Perth. Many entertainment spots, universities and colleges are located right around the corner of the hostel.

You can choose from five different dorm rooms including private rooms and mixed dorm rooms. The facilities present in the hostel are modern and clean. Each bunk in the room is cozy with your private lamp, shelves, and plug sockets.

The hostel has its bar and restaurant area where you can hang out and spend time. The kitchen of the hostel is really basic having only microwaves, toasters and fridges.

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#4 – The Old Swan Barracks

The Most Unique Hostel Of Perth

The Old Swan Barracks
The Old Swan Barracks is the most unique hostel in Perth
  • $$
  • Free breakfast
  • Free Wi-Fi

Located right in the heart of Perth, the Old Swan Barracks offers the most unique hostel experience in Perth. It is one of the oldest buildings in Perth and is categorized among the State listed Heritage Building. It offers affordable accommodation along with good facilities for the guests.

The bathrooms and showers are clean. The hostel, overall, has a good atmosphere with friendly staff members. The location of the Old Swan Barracks makes it a good value for money.

You can get yourself drinks from the bar at the hostel. The hostel is not very noisy so you can get a good sleep at night. One problem is that the internet does not work properly.

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#5 – MYOZEXP Aberdeen Lodge

Most affordable hostel in Perth

MYOZEXP Aberdeen Lodge
Want to save some money? MYOZEXP Aberdeen is the most affordable hostel in Perth where you can stay during your trip
  • $$
  • Common room
  • Free internet access

The MYOZEXP Aberdeen Lodge offers budget-friendly accommodation to the tourists visiting Perth. It is a heritage-listed lodge where you can meet people from all across the world. It is located in Northbridge, which means that all the entertainment spots and tourists’ destinations of Perth are nearby.

A washer/dryer is available for you to do your laundry anytime you want. The kitchen is well equipped with all the facilities so you can make food for yourself. The rooms are clean and well maintained by the staff of the hostel.

If you are planning to stay in the long term, then this hostel will suit you very well. The hostel is at a 5 minutes’ walk from Perth bus port and train station.

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#6 – Billabong Backpackers Resort

The best hostel for socializing in Perth

illabong Backpackers Resort
Love to socialize? Billabong Backpackers Resort is the best hostel for socializing in Perth
  • $$
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • 24-hour reception

This hostel in Perth is loaded with tons of facilities for the hostelers. There is a balcony in every room where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The hostel ensures that the guests are never bored so there are movie screenings and a large swimming pool where you can socialize.

The reception is open 24/7 so you can check at any time or ask for assistance. You can also enjoy a bunch of games in the game room, play volleyball in the volleyball court or have a game of table tennis. The staff is friendly and welcoming. The rooms are well managed in general, although they can be a bit unclean sometimes.

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#7 – Ocean Beach Backpackers

Hostel with the best view in Perth

Ocean Beach Backpackers
You should stay in Ocean Beach Backpackers if you want to enjoy the amazing views of Perth
  • $$
  • Tv lounges
  • Free parking and bike hire

If you love beaches and want to stay near the cool waters of Cottesloe Beach in Perth, then this hostel would be the best choice for you. You can overlook the amazing Indian Ocean through the hostel. The hostel has all the facilities you need for accommodation and entertainment.

You can choose between different dorm rooms that include mixed, double, twin, and female-only dorm rooms. The staff is well trained and responsible, so they take good care of their guests.

There is free parking available for the guests. The beach is located right in front where you can go and enjoy the beach waves of Perth.

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Other top-rated hostels in Perth

#8 – Backpack City and Surf

Backpack City and Surf
The family like atmosphere of Backpack City and Surf makes it a top rated hostel in Perth
  • $$
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • BBQ

Backpack City and Surf offer a family-like atmosphere to the guests that are staying in one of the best hostels in Perth. For a party-loving person, the hostel is a great choice as the bars and pubs of Northbridge are situated near the hostel.

The hostel arranges a bunch of activities for the guests, so they are never left bored.

The hostel is great for socializing and meeting new people. You can cook in the fully functional kitchen area. Backpack City and Surf are located near CBD and all the popular tourist destinations.

After a long, tiring day exploring the city, you can sleep comfortably in your room.

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#9 – Perth City YHA

Perth City YHA
Due to its amazing facilities, Perth City YHA is one of the best hostels in Perth
  • $$
  • Well-equipped gym
  • Movie room

This award-winning hostel ranked among the best hostels in Perth is equipped with all the high-quality facilities to meet the standards of international travelers. The Perth City YHA is located centrally in the heart of Perth.

During your stay in the hostel, you would be only a few minutes away from the popular tourist avenues like Mt Lawley, LeederVille and Northbridge.

You can enjoy delicious meals at the on site café which offers breakfast and dinner at a good price to travelers. The hostel is safe for you to stay in and the rooms are cleaned and maintained. There is a railway track located at the back of the hostel that can cause a disturbance at night.

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#10 – The Shiralee Hostel

The Shiralee Hostel
The Shiralee hostel is best for relaxing after a busy day in Perth
  • $$$
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioned rooms

If you are seeking a family-like atmosphere instead of a party hostel, then this hostel will not disappoint you. The Shiralee Hostel has been fully renovated; therefore, it has all brand-new facilities to offer. The kitchen is commercially made with all the utensils you would need to prepare a meal.

There are three separate outdoor areas where you can hang out and socialize with other people staying at the hostel. The hostel is surrounded by a friendly atmosphere so you can fit in easily.

The bathrooms are clean. The hostel also offers free food to guests several times a week that includes free pasta, tea, coffee and food shelf.

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#11 – The Witch’s Hat

The Witch’s Hat
The Witch’s Hat is a great hostel for you if you are travelling with your family
  • $$
  • Free parking
  • Free internet access

The Witch’s hostel is one of the best hostels in Perth to stay in if you are on vacation with your family. Or if you love a calm and peaceful environment, then this hostel will cater well to your needs.

It is not a party hostel so you can sleep peacefully at night without having to worry about any disturbance.

The hostel, however, is not boring and offers regular events like barbeques to its guests. The staff is kind and takes good care of the guests. You can spend your day at the hostel by cooking food for yourself or watch movies and talk to fellow hostelers.

The hostel is located at a distance of about 20 to 30 minutes from the CBD.

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#12 –  Wickham Retreat Backpackers

Wickham Retreat Backpackers
Wickham Retreat Backpackers is a beautiful small hostel with amazing facilities in Perth
  • $$
  • Self-catering facilities
  • BBQ

Wickham Retreat Backpackers offers well-maintained air-conditioned rooms to its guests. You can enjoy the facility of free internet access all along the day. The hostel also offers easy laundry options with the facility of washing machines and powder.

The hostel is quite small but has all the facilities that you would need for a good stay at the hostel. The staff and management are very friendly and ensures that you enjoy your stay at the hostel. The guests are also provided with free food like pasta.

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#13 –  Beatty Lodge

Beatty Lodge
Beatty Lodge provides amazing accommodation with a reasonable price in Perth
  • $$
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Common Room

The Beatty Lodge is among the best hostels in Perth that provide high-quality accommodation at reasonable pricing in Perth. It is just 10 minutes away from the main city center where you can enjoy the popular tourist attractions or head to the North bridge to enjoy its nightlife. It is well suited for both solo and group travelers.

The staff is kind enough to help the guests with their tours around the city and hiring cars. You can avail of the facility of a mini gym, watch TV shows in the TV lounge or dive in for a swim in the swimming pool. The atmosphere is mellow in the hostel. The air conditioners in the hostel do not work that well.

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#14 – The Emperors Crown Hostel

The Emperors Crown Hostel
You can easily enjoy the cultural side of Perth while staying at the Emperors Crown hostel – surely one of the best hostels in Perth
  • $$
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • Common room

The Emperors Crown hostel is located near the bus and train station so you can always take a ride into the city to explore its attractions. You can explore the cultural side of Perth during your stay in this hostel as it is situated right on corner of Perth’s cultural precinct.

The staff is affable and are always ready to help the guests. The rooms are spacious with lockers for you to keep your belongings safely. There is an issue with cleanliness in the room sometimes as they are not cleaned well. The internet does not work on a very high pace.

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What is the best time to visit Perth?

The best and ideal opportunity to visit Perth is in September, October and November when the city is aglow with the hues and fragrances of spring and radiant days are continuous by downpour. December through February comprises Perth's late spring and is set apart by burning temperatures. Also, April is certainly a decent and ideal opportunity to visit Perth. Simply out of the most smoking season yet at the same time a touch of warmth noticeable all around coming into Autumn.

How many days do you need to see Perth?

Three days in Perth implies you're sufficiently fortunate to completely encounter it, particularly if your schedule incorporates visits that consolidate the sights, culture, and undertakings of the city in addition to Western Australia's south west coast.

Is Perth expensive to visit?

Perth is one of the most costly urban areas in Australia yet there are a couple of approaches to set aside cash as an explorer in the event that you know a couple of little acks. Also watch for deals as Airfare to Perth is typically extravagant, which is the reason not many individuals can visit the city. Perth is confined so delivery costs are higher, rivalry less. Australia has exceptionally high wages, great the lowest pay permitted by law and (moderately) great framework. This must be paid for.

Is Perth a good holiday destination?

It totally is justified, despite all the trouble and when you come to Perth check whether you can incorporate a portion of different zones of WA like Margaret waterway and so on in your excursion. here are my preferred spots in Perth: city seashores: Scarborough, Cottesloe and Fremantle.

Final thoughts!

Perth is an amazing tourist destination if you want to explore the perfect blend of nature with the chaotic and busy urban life. You can enjoy the beaches, visit the popular tourist destinations, and after a long day exploring, you can head back to one of the best hostels in Perth mentioned above.


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